Just a quick update…

On Tuesday, our editor delivered the fine cut of Archive Girl. Only one more round of revision and then it’s off to sound and FX! Huzzah!

Greetings everyone. It’s been a while since we’ve had an update about the film, so here’s the latest state-of-the-flick: This evening our editor finished a second assembly on the film. This is something like a rough cut, but a bit broader than that. However, with this assembly, the pieces have fallen far enough in to place that we should be able to get started on getting the film scored and start thinking about sound editing. After the next edit, I’m hopeful that we will also be able to start in on the visual effects, as I know that will be something of a lengthy process (we have to add digital aliens, robots and explosions in order to keep up with our Hollywood bigger brothers).

I guess that’s all the news for now. Check back soon to catch up with any additional progress!

Happy Hallowe’en!

I watch Young Frankenstein every year on this particular night. Do you have any movie traditions? I’m not a big horror fan, and since Mel Brooks’ masterpiece isn’t terribly terrifying, my favorite horror movie is Let the Right One In. What’s yours?

Do Et Das

Latin for “I give so that you give,” or “I give so that I may receive.” This is the central principal of xenia, an ancient Greek code of hospitality. To summarize what I guarantee you will learn if you should happen to study the Iliad and the Odyssey, the code dictates that when you are taken in by a host, an exchange of gifts is expected. In my case, this exchange involves a joke about balls.

I gave a joke to my friends, Xander Kent and Jackson McBrayer, for their webcomic, 6th Circle. You should drop what you’re doing (as in, reading this) and check it out at once. (Then come back and finish reading this.) Xander has also been working on a logo for us here at Longcoat Films, which is not quite ready to be unveiled just yet. But keep an eye out. That’s on the way. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited. As soon as it’s available, I’m gonna buy the t-shirt. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to, too.

So a big thanks to 6th Circle for showcasing my writing. I’m glad to help out and share a dose of Halo fandom and crotch-based humor. I’m looking forward to showing everyone that logo. (I think you’re all gonna like it.)

And hey, speaking of things that give us money, did you notice that big shiny DONATE button off to the side of the blog here? Take a look. It’s so big and shiny and buttony. Like it’s just waiting to be clicked. And what an interesting word. “Donate.” Sounds a little like someone with a sinus infection saying “Do it.”

So go ahead. You know you want to.

Five Word Movies

This started as a little discussion on Facebook, and I couldn’t stop thinking of them. So, without further ado, here’s a list of movies (and maybe one or two TV shows), summed up in five words.

1. Oedipus, but with time travel.
2. Walking anachronism defeats undead. Boomstick! (Thanks, Isaak!)
3. Cowboy is depressed in space.
4. Iceberg somewhat damaged by ship.
5. Farmboy becomes wizard, murders thousands.
6. Awkward couple drink in Tokyo. (Thanks, Laurel!)
7. The Rock fights Cowbell Guy.
8. Child learns to shoot people. (Thanks, Sam!) (Not me Sam. Different Sam.)
9. Space robots, douche on pyramid. (Thanks, Julian!)
10. Asthmatic traumatizes son, severs hand.
11. Romantic comedy… but suddenly zombies!
12. Asshole runs newspaper, ruins life.
13. Hacker shoots people, becomes Jesus.
14. People talk a lot. Crime.
15. Archaeology, but with extra Nazis.
16. Children learn meaning of sorrow.
17. Neurotic Jew: “What went wrong?”
19. Man eats people, is upset.
20. Elder escapes Liverpudlians. Hijinks ensue.
21. Enraged woman keeps janitors employed.
22. Rain. Rain. Murder? Confusion. Rain.
23. Escapee gets rich, kicks ass.
24. Humphrey Bogart shoots a Nazi.
25. War. Alcohol. Surgery. Hilarity ensues.

I think twenty-five is enough for now. Can you guess them? (I’ll probably put up the answers eventually.)

Just wanted to present a small update. After a small hiatus, our editor, Conor Gordon, has the footage again. Work has begun on getting a rough cut together so that we can get our sound designer and composer busy at work.

It was a fun filming and I know the final product will turn out excellent!

Hello and welcome to my first blog post ever.  I know, exciting isn’t it?  Anyways the production has officially wrapped for Archive Girl. Now we begin the long and pain staking process that is post-production.  I am sure Ryan can comment more on post production latter.  For now let’s see some pictures from the set of Archive Girl!

Here is a picture from the first day of shooting.

This is the camera we shot the film with.  The device it is attached to is our crane made by our DP Scott Winn (featured right).

Our fearless leader and director Ryan (top) running lines with Glenn (right) who plays Tim.

Warren (left, plays Rick) and Glenn between takes.  Glenn is drinking a Rockstar.

Scott the director of photography adjusting lights in Tim and Rick’s office.

Glenn and Jessamy (who plays Max) admiring our expert sound man, Buddah.

Preparing for another take.  The guy with the long hair and bandanna is me (Greg).

Another picture of Glenn and Jessamy down in the archives.

That is all for now.  If you are all good little boys and girls and continue to check out our blog, I will post more pictures and maybe even regale you with stories from the set.  Until then enjoy the pictures.